The Tera-Post Lives!

Don’t say we never gave you anything.

Er… back.

It needs some cleaning up, but Masako’s added pages to the comments for you to more easily enjoy digging and ponies and Glaarku and whatever the hell it is you people do in there.

I hope it’s not smoking pot. That would really disappoint me.

ADDENDUM: Oh, and you know what this means, right?

Yep. Looks like the Giga-Post is back.

And guess what Masako’s working on right now?

Please stay tuned to this station.

24 thoughts on “The Tera-Post Lives!”

  1. “I hope it’s not smoking pot. That would really disappoint me.”

    Disappointed that they’re smoking pot? Or disappointed that they aren’t sharing…? Just trying to get a frame of reference here…

  2. Tera post, yea. Sure. Thanks. Uh huh. Hummm.

    You know what I’m missing around here, other than a heterosexual Masako is a stream of consciousness commentary. Are you guys out of consciousness?

  3. Moltz, please keep your comments textarea within the margins.

    Sorry, no alliteration. Seriously, that one has me stumped. Oh, wait, I got it:

    Moltz, kindly keep your comment container confined to its correct cutoff.

  4. Dear God! The humanity! We’ll never see Del in the daylight of a “normal” thread again.

    That’s a shame ’cause I really like Del.

  5. Thanks John and Masako,

    The thought of my wallet lost forever in the black server-void was incredibly depressing.

    I feel better now. Now, if I could just remember where I was the last time I saw that wallet…

  6. Thanks John. Sorry to be a pain in the bum but the Mega went up to 3821 and we were up to 1876 on the Tera. Is there some form of limit, if so may we start tunnelling from another venue?

  7. Oops! Red face.
    Never realised it was upside down. Must be old age, stupidity and terminal brain rot.
    A million thanks John.

  8. Now it depends on whose perspective whether it is upside down or not. For those who are upside down, isn’t it right sideup. And speaking (or is it typing) of perspectives…looks like the textarea box has lost it too.


  10. I never really found where the bottom of my liver was.

  11. The bottom of my liver is sitting in the bottom of a bottle of Captain Morgans, but I thank you from there. Assuming it’s really up again, I’m about to check. If not, I’ll be back to get a refund.

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