35 thoughts on “Clearly another sign of the Cyber Apocalypse”

  1. When referring to yourself in the tird person, why not use the “royal we?” You’ve earned it.

  2. Which sign of the impending cyber apocalypse is it when Moltz is quoted as a rational voice in the Mac community?

  3. “It’s time to move on.”

    No it isn’t. I’ll tell you when it’s time to move on, dude. When Bill Gates is begging for nickels in the center divider it’ll be time to move on, and no sooner!

  4. They call Moltz “perhaps the best source of comic relief in the Apple universe.”

    Comic relief? As if the Cyber Apocalypse were a joke. CNET just doesn’t get it, man.

  5. It was a typo, supposed to say “cosmic relief” in reference to John’s substantial donation to the Titan project, a sort of Noah’s-ark-in-space being developed to colonize another planet once the robot apocalypse finally destroys this one.

    Just the sort of rookie mistake we’d expect from non-CARS news sources.

  6. Appologies John, was reading that much earlier in the day but gave up when found Kawasaki was not a reference to the motorcycles.
    Do you want him killed for not listing you higher?

  7. I’m puzzled.

    There’s something someone calls serious on the internet ?

    No way.
    Must be a mistake.

    Like me. I’m a mistake. My whole life’s a mistake.

    Don’t laugh at me, I’m serious.
    See ?

  8. There’s another flagrant deception in that piece of so-called News. Artie McStrawman is real. I met him in Vienna back in ’89, when he was touring with his folk group “We didn’t do it”. He was quite stoned when we met, but I do recall him bitching against Tramiel for not making a portable C-64 to be able to play Golden Axe in between his shows.

    CNET is really loosing a lot of credibility lately…

  9. Who are they loosing it upon?

    HA! Now you people know how it feels to have someone correct your spelling!

  10. OK, that’s it. That billions of dollars that Apple is sitting on? What they need to do is buy a professional sports franchise. Preferably football or basketball, but hockey or major league baseball would do. Not soccer, arena football, or WNBA. Then we could paint our faces, or stand around bare-chested in the snow, or engage in all sorts of truly bizarre behavior and have it be societally accepted because we could say that it’s for our TEAM.

    Either that or Jobs needs to run for President. Would Jobs make a worse President than Ron Paul? Is Artie MacStrawman any more obnoxious than a foil-hat-wearing Ron Paulist?

    OK, rant over. I really need to get a blog. And for any Ron Paul supporting Mac users out there…no real offense intended, just using and an example, would have used Dennis Kucinich if he was polling better, please don’t flame me into a cinder.

  11. RMR, Apple has already sponsored stock car racing (type “piston cup circuit apple” into Google if you don’t believe me).

  12. Apple Lopsider, on one of the commentary tracks it’s mentioned that the Apple car isn’t involved in any of the accidents during the race because “Apples don’t crash.”

  13. I am just so proud. Our own John Gru… I mean Moltz with his name in a real news story! Wait ’til I tell the folks back home.

  14. Mr. Moltz, in comment 21, I think you intended to say “Whom are they loosing it upon,” as it is the accusative case. Now you know how it feels to have someone correct your grammar!

    On another note, Artie McStrawman won’t last long having a torrid affair with Del, especially when she whips out an iFlame. Meet Artie McCinders.

  15. Ignore them, Del. Our shared passion is much greater than this pettiness, My Sweet Goddess.

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