Podcast Canceled.

I regret to inform you that my podcast effort – This Week In Daring Fireball – has been canceled. This was to be the follow-up to CARS but, sadly, I was unable to secure funding. The New York Yankees had shown interest in sponsoring the show, but backed out after I refused to work with Don Mattingly.

He’s just a dick.

Anyway, you can listen to the first and only episode here (1.7mb MP3).

Oh, and CARS is still on hiatus.

107 thoughts on “Podcast Canceled.”

  1. still charging advertisers for ads tha are no longer being viewed by the numbers of people/bots that once did ???

  2. Speaking of Rogue Amoeba— aren’t all amoeba rogue…. or is that— amoebas… maybe amoebii…
    {google here i come…} you’d think i’d ‘member this stuff…
    Good stuff those amoebii code though… while they aren’t out tearing up the countryside… oh wait that’s elephants… could be amoebii though.
    I think i saw Moltz wearing one of those funny hats at Hot Dog On A Stick,
    that was across the mall from the gap–
    he did not spill the lemonades… extraordinary dexterity… it was like watching Tiger Woods… art i tell you….(tears of joy dribble off my cheeks) sniff… art

  3. Dear, I think he said he was calling from Hyannis. Sounded like he was in a Waffle House.

  4. I was wondering if perhaps Del could concoct an iMoltz that she could then let loose to post pseudo-CARS posts until the real Moltz finishes his hiatus (or whatever; sheesh, how many magazines did he take in there with him? And he better use the air freshener when he’s done!)

  5. As one who has already been cloned, do not go down that path. There are no advantages, not even, ‘it was my evil identical brother’ alibi as no one believes you.

  6. Moltz, please come back!
    It was nice to see you drop us a bone (or two), but please keep em coming!
    For now, once a week would be quite OK for me!
    I really miss those crazy rumors… 🙁

  7. Aw Heck. stuck on 59!
    May as well as be 60
    The cadre of CARS curmudgeons crumble and dwindle
    Analogous to the world around us…
    A wretched epitaph.
    mediocrity fills in when the brilliant abandon

  8. mmmmm… 66 spice punkin puddin’

    On that note of deliciousness
    Me and Vinnie are driving north…. soon….. to have a little talk with this absent “John'”
    Ya hear me… Ya listenin’… ya….well … ….readin’…
    Somehow dis doesn’t seem proper…ya know what i mean.

  9. Let’s see. Three into six goes twice, that’s good. Three into seven goes two and a third. Seven into six won’t go and seven into sixty-seven………….don’t know.
    Wish I had paid more attention when we did our inverted sixty-seven Table.

  10. Hiatus my arse: Moltz has been bought off by Tentaculous, who even now is planning his first strike against planet Earth. But there will be no warning because of Moltz’s treachery.

  11. Oh Ye of little faith.
    John would never do that to his loyal fans.
    How much did Tenty pay?

  12. 4.4 suolucatnet– or about 2.808,000 euroes… big moola for Moltz
    One can’t type enough words for that kind of money. To say nothing for the hyperbole!

    But we have CARS–Continuous Anti Ray Shield…
    Kudos and thanks to Moltz et all…. we are safe…
    our ponies are safe…. our sexbots are safe… apples are safe from freezing…

    Only Redmond is left unshielded… how that works is a pony mystery… something to do with the long, expandable mane hair…

  13. Mookerchief said: “Hiatus my arse”

    How rude! You could have expressed the same sentiment by saying “Hiatus my eye.”

    I don’t think you should take the Lard’s name in vain.

    Besides, you wouldn’t have known anything about Tentaculous if it weren’t for Moltz’s courageous reporting. You would have had nothing to fear but fear itself. So go easy on the “treachery” stuff.

  14. 74, dig it baby!
    Yet, the hiatus continues to bring a tear to my eye on a monday morning.
    It is so unfair… it’s like the gorgon Microsloth is sitting on ones chest…hard to breathe…. .taking the very breath of life out of the CARS pages… sniff….dang… now i need to scratch…
    Could be Tentaculous…but i don’t want to look closely for fear of becoming stone…d
    iffn’ it’s a gorgon.

  15. Howz about a bribe Moltz?
    Compute in the wine region of Cal.i do
    Raid my cellar i will
    If you like vintages with some time on them!
    Got ’70s, ’80s, 90″s
    ’60s all gone…almost…but you can’t have any of those!
    Howz about a post,
    Howz about a little payola
    i enjoy too many of them already… glazing over i am..
    would rather enjoy a moltz post

  16. Happiness is wasted on weekdays, at least for most people. They spend long hours working for The Man, who sucks out happiness and uses it to fuel his mighty Soul-Crushing machine. So it’s best to use up your happiness during the weekend, and leave The Man’s diabolical contrivance starved for fuel. Simple logic.

    Fight the Power any way you can.

  17. Clearly a Deal is Not to BE!
    I raised my offer for Yahoo by $5,000,000,000 and they still said NO!
    I could have proceeded with the hostile take-over but my analyst told me that by the time we finished that, all of the Yahoo “talent” would have bolted!
    I haven’t been beaten, I’ve been stupiden!

    To be or not to be?

    NOT TO BE!

  18. Steve,
    Very perspicacious. If it was Apple taking over, they would still resign as they know that Steve would sack them.

  19. Okay, I’m looking at the back page of the June 2008 issue of MacWorld, and the photograph of our fearless leader John Moltz is very scary. He looks overeager.

    He’s either on several kinds of high-octane stimulant, or he has joined the Moonies or maybe a cheerleading squad of some sort. It might be time for an intervention.

  20. Moonie Moltz?!! Fearless Leader…. Intervention…High-octane stimulents… … more like enforced interaction with simulents. Like that cute snake dancer in BladeRunner… Ya… you know what i mean….but i digress –I am beginning to believe… that… that…intervention is the only merciful alternative.. Bribes and Vinnie & Luigi have not been effective. Maybe we can get Conan to cry on TV for a Moltz return to enlightenment.

  21. As night follows day, this page will soon be filled.

    I will miss the scrolling.

  22. Day follows night not the other way round.
    Ask your Bible Bashing President and his wannabe replacements.

  23. 9×10+6
    How many days until the rapture of Moltz return?
    i musta dozed off

  24. Three more what?
    Ok I’ll go for it, what?, what?, what?
    Nothing’s happened.
    The Post is broke.

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