Our long international nightmare is over

Those filthy perverts at PerversionTracker are back (thanks to TUAW for the news).

Which is really good for me because Ladd owes me money.

Ironically, I had just Tweeted this about an hour before I found out. The universe acts in strange and mysterious ways, my friends. One minute you’re wondering if there’s any point in going on, the next you’re covered in pudding.

There is only one site to look to for news about iPhone apps, people. And since that site is on hiatus, you should probably just go ahead and go on over to PerversionTracker.

146 thoughts on “Our long international nightmare is over”

  1. Took the advice, changed therapist. Pissed was the correct description of the previous one. Been advised that I am really Napoleon Bonaparte. Funny thing is my French is abysmal.
    Still not sure that this is ‘my’ therapist, as he has a gap after the third letter and the fourth is upper case.

  2. You’re on your own with that one, Nxxx.

    If a mental health professional doesn’t do the trick, might I recommend a self-help book?

    Check out “The Twelve Step Program: Which Steps Are Right for You?” by Dr. Perry Filia.

  3. [Silly is seen sitting at a table. He is wiping a cotton swab along the inside of his mouth when he notices that everyone is looking at him. He hastily pulls the swab out of his mouth and furtively slips it into a small, clear plastic bag. Despite the speed with which Silly packs away the swab, it is easy to see minute traces of raspberry red, lemon yellow, and orange orange on its cotton tip. Silly deftly hides the bag under the table, then quickly folds his hands in front of himself. He looks you straight in the eye, unblinking, with an artificial smile on his face.]

    SILLY: A connection? With Sue? [Chuckling nervously.] NO, no, no, no, Nooo, no, no! Heck… I’m married, too! Kids and everything… actually we call them bunnies — kids are goats, of course… but, anyway, you get the idea. Sooo, nope… no connection, whatsoever. No sirree!

    [Silly sits there, twiddling his thumbs, staring at everyone for another 20 seconds, during which time his left eye twitches about 3 times.]

    SILLY (looking at his wrist): Well, will you look at the time! Love to stay and chat, but I gotta run! Gotta get over to FedEx before they close! Catch ya later!

    [Silly disappears in a poof to stage right. Scene cuts to the FedEx office. Silly hands an envelope to the friendly, courteous, and efficient FedEx clerk behind the clean and shiny counter. The clerk steps away with the envelope and walks through a doorway located behind the counter. Silly turns around, folds his arms, leans back against the counter, sighs, looks up to the sky, and waits impatiently. Ten seconds later he looks at his wrist, sighs again, refolds his arms, and starts tapping his foot.]

    [The sound of jets rapidly taking off and landing can be heard off-stage. Suddenly another friendly, courteous, and efficient FedEx clerk appears at a doorway behind the counter.]

    CLERK (beaming): Letter for Mr. Rabbit!

    [The clerk hands the envelope to Silly, who opens it, takes out the 10 page letter and reads it intently.]

    SILLY (reading aloud): … the results of our tests conclude that you share the same Great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother?!

    [Silly looks blankly into the distance, and his jaw drops.]

    SILLY: There IS a connection!

    [Orchestra plays “Dunh-Dunh-DUHHHH!” Fade to black.]

  4. Sue —

    [Silly, with a look of earnest agreement on his face, nods his head vigorously… which produces a sound not unlike a few dried cashews rattling around in an otherwise empty can.]

  5. Gee! They are? Both of them?! Wow! Now that’s a surprise! And Sue seemed like such a nice girl, too! Er, ‘xcept maybe for her continuing desire to cook and eat me, I suppose…

    And who is this “Gruber” person you mentioned? Is that name pronounced with a short “U” as in “grubby” or with a long “U” as in “rube?”

    Anyway, thanks for the tip-off, “Mister Anonymous” (wink wink, nudge nudge). And you don’t need to address me by my full name… just call me “Silly.”. Hell… everybody else does.

  6. For the record: I am nice. I am NOT Moltz. I have never been first on CARS. And I have never eaten a defenseless rabbit.

  7. [Silly, as he awaits (with sincere interest) Sue’s reply to Huh?’s question, is doing his damnedest to look as defenseless as possible — which, as you know, is something rabbits are reeeeally good at.]

  8. Umm……clueless?……witless?……oh I know! Someone who posts to a dead blog… I mean, web site on hiatus! Mmmmm……maybe this requires more (any) thought….

  9. The only thing rabbits are good at is running down the road in my bloody headlights.

    Forgot breeding.
    Is that Sue’s interest?

  10. I have to say my bunny had an amazing right hook and jaws of steel. I wouldn’t have called her defenseless.

  11. Those rabbits are supposed to be so lucky with their (up to) four rabbit’s feet, but what person is regarded as lucky when their feet go missing?

  12. [After having consulted automobile registration records and thereby having discovered that Nxxx — either by chance or by intent — has taken possession of “Christine”(and, probably, vice-versa), Silly is now frantically looking through the Yellow Pages for the category Species Change — Equipment and Services.]

  13. Banished? I think not.

    The world would be a boring place without me.
    Deep down in your heart, you know this to be true.

    Besides, someone else tried to ban me once.
    Once, Johnny! Once.

    Oh. I also just had my birthday. You have to be nice to me.

  14. Time for a new post? or are we working on getting 100 comments? Did Silly Rabbit get his species change?

  15. So this is what the world will be after the cyber-apocalypse.

    Without Moltz and Masako to keep things running, it’s just a wasteland with rats, cockroaches, and spambots scavenging for grungy morsels amongst the relics of our past grandeur.

    We few true believers will soon be scooped up by Wall-E and compacted for the sake of neatness.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  16. Just ‘stumbled’ into this thread while browsing the site and although I do absolutely feel like I have just evesdropped on private conversations, it also made me smile a lot 🙂

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