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  1. 7 again, sukas!

    So if he’s coming out of retirement for one day, what do you call what happens after that? Retirementment? Retirementx2? Retiremore?

  2. Oh GOD! Steve Jobs is dying! Short Apple stock! It’s all over!

    (Just wanted to avoid the rush to the Hysteria Bandwagon.)

  3. I don’t have any hysteria but I’ve got a truck full of hyenas if that would help.

    Umm…. I left the tailgate open again. I guess I had a truck full of hyenas.

  4. What about the pie?

    Given the number of Apple products not announced at the show these days, today’s news probably makes no difference beyond a short-term deal on the stock price.

    The real question remains–if there isn’t pie, I’m not going to the show.

  5. A truckful of hernias?? How the heck .. oh, forget it, I don’t want to know.

    Will Phil Schiller’s posse be in tha’ house??

    Will Moltz’s comeback be more like:
    (a) Michael Jordan’s first unretirement, quickly rising to the top.
    (b) Kurt Warner’s unretirement, at first sucky, but getting better.
    (c) Brett Favre’s unretirement, which doesn’t really count as a retirement in the first place.

    You could vote, but this isn’t a poll. Or a pole for that matter.

  6. Woo hoo! This was pretty much my first reaction when I heard the news: hoping you’d cover the Philnote! Looking forward to it.

  7. First it was the hysteria. Then it was the hiatus. Now it’s the hyenas!


    Hope not.

  8. I am 100% into the hysteria, but it’s not about Steve Jobs’ health. It’s because dropping out of Macworld means Apple is getting out of the computer business.

    Mark my words! Mark them, I say!

  9. Oh, drat. I had intended to use a pseudonym for that post.

    If my dire prediction turns out to be wrong, and everyone has marked my words — well, that could be rather embarrassing, and potentially harmful to my budding career as a tech prognosticator.

    If I had used a pseudonym, as I originally intended, and the dire prediction had proven wrong, I’d just switch to a new pseudonym. Drat, drat, drat!

    But, uh, maybe “Michael Burton” isn’t my real name. Yeah. Maybe it’s a pseudonym that sounds like it might be a real name, but isn’t. Mind games!

  10. That’s my name too! Whenever I go out, the … uh .. actually I don’t get out much.

  11. Is John Moltz really Phil Schiller?
    It would account for the hiatus as he prepared himself for MacWorld stardom.

  12. Personally, I think Apple needs to headhunt The Entity to pick up the CEO mantle. Who else could convince people in this economy to buy non-upgradable desktops for twice what most companies are selling laptops for?

    And if anyone was going be able to cross the trans-dimensional threshold of space-time to recruit him, it would be Apple’s HR executive team.

    Or just leave out a bowl full of Baked Lays. Either way.

  13. I covet the 34th posting position nearly as much as I covet Moltz’s ox, ass and anything else that is Moltz’s.

  14. … after finally getting Bill Eccles post …

    Oh, yeah… And haikus! The hysteria, the hiatus, the hyenas and the haikus!


    Oh, never mind.

  15. Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men

    … even in spite of — well, you know — that whole “hassenpfeffer” thing. We can just forget that that whooole thing ever happened…

  16. Let’s all drink a cup of cheer to celebrate the New Year!

    So. Does one drink red or white with rabbit?

  17. I was going to hold out for Fifty, but at the rate that the comments are coming in I just couldn’t risk that wait.


    Thanks for the heads-up John. See you next year.


  18. I’m clearly a tad late on this, but . . . ‘retirement’?

    Is that what Moltz is now calling dossing in his ‘Mac crib’ and alternately dreaming of being either Robbie the Robot or the Monster from the Id what melts his Poor Metal Mind?


    Well, *I’ll* be ‘coming out’ . . . er, of ‘retirement’ . . . when I stop alternately playing Panzer General III: Scorched Earth and surfing the net to see if Moltz has finally come out of retirement.


    Oh, and the London Phone Telephone Book lists no such thing.

    It does, however, list where three places to find Rabbit Wine – which, as everyone knows, sends you completely dotty and hence leads inevitably to Polka. So I can understand how the confusion might have arisen.

  19. Fess up time, London Phone book no longer published, just regions. There are three Such’ listed in the Croydon book alone. Multiply by ten at least for the London Such population.

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