Crazy Apple Rumors Site sleeper cells (who, frankly, I had totally forgotten to deactivate when the site went on hiatus) have forwarded the following video of Apple’s upcoming tablet device running Delicious Library. Clearly, the interface represents another trend-setting design move on Apple’s part and one can expect this to be the Aqua of the next decade.

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No Responses to “MAC TABLET REVEALED!”

  1. Carbonfish says:


    TABLET??? I love tablets!

  2. Carbonfish says:

    Oh wait, maybe that was pills. Yeah, it’s not tablets, it’s pills. Wait… are tablets the big ones and pills the little ones, or is it the other way around?

    Never mind. I love them both.

    Stone tablets are nice too, but harder to carry.

  3. digitalcowboy says:

    Top three?!?! Woot.

  4. Charlie says:

    Top 5 is good enough for me

  5. Charlie says:

    Two spots in top 5? It must be Christmas!

  6. Colin says:

    Man, back in the day, there’s no way I’d be sixth. I miss the CARS of yore.

  7. Hawkman says:

    You’re not sixth. It’s an Entity-derived delusion.

  8. Magnanimous Wang says:

    This is something John Gruber would publish.

    John Moltz is John Gruber.

  9. Brother Mugga says:


    I’ve been waiting up till four in the morning every night over here in Blighty for the last 6 months just waiting for a CARS post.

    Which makes me cool.

    Yes indeed.


    Yes indeed…

  10. derekm says:

    A new CARS post? No wonder I saw all that white smoke this morning. Nah, it wasn’t like the kind when they choose the pope… I think it looked more like what would come from a stack of burning iMacs.

  11. sue says:

    I want a tablet!

  12. Streetrabbit says:

    I can’t stop myself dancing naked to Maple Leaf Rag.

    Thanks a bunch Moltz!

  13. John Moltz says:

    Oh, like you weren’t doing that already anyway.

  14. Ace Deuce says:

    I almost swooned, but sprayed myself with starch just before I was to fall.

  15. Ace Deuce says:

    At first I was sad to have missed the top ten, but then I realized I made it into the top “10” in hexadecimal!

  16. Nxxx says:

    Cranks up Handel Orchestra and sings, “I knew my redeemer liveth.”
    John, welcome back, we Yuros really miss you.

  17. Sudo Nym says:

    Brother Mugga, if it’s too cool at four in the morning in Ol’ Blighty, you might want to get a Snuggie.

    Streetrabbit, for a change of pace, try “Solace — A Mexican Serenade.” Interesting rhythms.

    As for the Mac Tablet, all I can say is, “Won’t Get Fooled Again!”

    Or is it “Baba O’Riley?”

    Nah, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is what I meant.

  18. JMD says:

    It is just me or does that tablet seem awfully slow to you? It’s like they put the innards of an old Newton in there. No, not the fig variety Newton, the other kind. Although it would probably be pretty slow if they put the fig variety Newton innards in a tablet too.

    But it would be more yummy.

  19. Nxxx says:

    If it is called Newton, of course it will be slow. Poor old bugger died a long time ago, killed by a falling apple, I recall.

  20. JMD says:

    Ick. I’d hate to see the innards of *that* Newton.

  21. Del says:

    That tablet was obviously faked. I mean the aspect ration was all wrong.

  22. Ace Deuce says:

    Mmmh, bagels…

  23. JMD says:

    Wait, we’re rationing aspects now? How come? I just had one for lunch.

  24. Ace Deuce says:

    Only the aspic ration has the correct aspect ratio.

    (My profound apologies to Psyko)

  25. Miss dePointe says:

    Mmmm! There’s nothing iWould enjoy more than a delicious library of TableT alk Apple piEs! Or just one deliciOus appleT ableTalk piE in the library, for that matter! Or even 3.1415 delicious Apple-flavored tablets. I don’t care. Just keep the tablets coming!

  26. Nxxx says:

    And of course if you are on a diet, the Mini.

  27. Miss dePointe says:

    Yes! A miNi, wiTh a niCe hot cuppa Java! Or maybe an iCe-hot Mugga Moltzvaltine, Brother! Or perhaps even some Plum whiNe, in the liBrary, with a liT candlestick! Aouw, wouldn’t IT be loverly?!

  28. Gupta Feldstein from Oursourcistan says:

    This is my future.

  29. Gargantuan. says:

    CARS came back and no body told me. I’m happy and sad.