07 Jan 12More stuff there you used to read here!

Macworld asked me to contribute to their 2012 predictions piece which also features Jacqui Cheng, there Adam Engst, clinic John Gruber, stuff Andy Ihnatko, Arnold Kim and the Macalope.

Somehow, they gave me a higher rating for my predictions for last year than they gave Adam. Only because I successfully stereotyped MUG members. How hard is that?

Anyway, if you used to like this site, you might like my predictions.

21 Responses to “More stuff there you used to read here!”

  1. Magnanimous Wang says:

    Used to, before I found out that John Moltz is John Gruber.

  2. Sue says:

    Yeah! A new post. Sign of things to come?

    Of to Macworld .

  3. Michael says:


  4. Brother Mugga says:

    It’s not filthy enough for the stuff we used to read here.

  5. won says:


  6. Steve G. says:

    Watch out! Pie from the sky! The re-entry heat cooks them perfectly, just try not to catch one (that whole terminal velocity being a bitch kinda thing).

    Oh, and 6th!

  7. Ace Deuce says:

    Yay sexbots!

    I’m impressed that Mr. Moltz outperformed Adam Engst in the predictions for last year, proving that he belongs in the illustrious pantheon of Apple pundits. Even though he can’t be bothered to post anything here anymore. Sheesh.

  8. Steve G. says:


    Don’t forget that our esteemed Mr. Moltz (I know, I was laughing pretty hard when I typed that) predicted that the iPhone would have only one button.

  9. Brother Mugga says:

    What about ‘esteamed’, Steve?

    I’m sure we could work something appropriately juvenile around that?

    See you over at the Gigapost…

  10. Steve G. says:


    Maybe if that pie-launching satellite malfunctions.

  11. Nxxx says:

    Don’t use the “E” letter to start any word. Think what’s happened to the Euro.

  12. iMoo says:

    I, for one, am all for more pie.

  13. Brother Mugga says:

    Oh I do, Nxxx.

    Every time I need a giggle.

  14. Huh? says:

    I’m thinking that Moltz might not be rated quite so high next year…

    My Pants™ disagree, but then again, they’re still mumbling something about the Great Pie, 2012, and the Mayans.

    Go figure.

  15. Del says:

    I predict that Apple Sexbots and “… when it will deliver a shiny aluminum solution for obesity” are the same thing. It will make burning off the calories fun!

  16. Nxxx says:

    For those who believe that weight loss should be painful, will there be a Domantrix model?

  17. Del says:

    Of course there will be. I’m guessing it will be one of the most popular.

  18. Daid Nunez says:

    Sex bots sound fun. I’d never have to leave my mom’s basement.

  19. Most of these predictions came to pass. I read the article and that realized! Congratulations…

  20. Fabia says:

    I, for one, am all for more pie.

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