12 Jan 12Underestimated my reach

A year or so ago, ZDNet Microsoft blogger Mary Jo Foley from back in June.

First off, no link? Where’s the love?

Second, I am going to sue you blind, lady.

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  1. Steve G. says:

    Oh, seven hells.
    That didn’t work like I thought it would. Been that kinda day.

  2. Yoyo says:

    “Men….so unreliable.”
    Well, what is more reliable then men?
    Hint: rhymes with “zexpots”.

  3. Nxxx says:

    Wonder how long before Young Johnny posts again?

  4. Sue says:


    Back now. What did I miss? Nothing. Sigh……

  5. Silly Rabbit says:

    Well! Hi there, Sue? Long time no chat! How’ve ya been, kid?

    Say… why don’t you just have a seat right here and tell us all about what you’ve been up to, eh? Great!

    No, no… not that chair… THIS one… riiight here! Thaaat’s it…


  6. Sue says:

    Three iPads bought. Three delivered. Yeah!

    So, how about that Apple stock?

    Disclaimer: I have some.

  7. Silly Rabbit says:

    [Silly seems distracted, but continues the conversation anyway.]

    Wow, three iPads! What were you thinki… I mean… why so many?

    [Silly thinks to himself, anxiously… “Why isn’t she jumping up? Is she wearing an armored skirt or something? Or… could she have already read Comment 57?!”]

    Oh, and good move on that Apple stack… I mean STOCK! Stock! Right… Apple stock.

  8. Sue says:

    Why not three?

    I prefer to stand, thank you.

  9. Ace Deuce says:

    You need a better class of chair anyway, Sue. That chair is rather tacky.

  10. Silly Rabbit says:

    Why not three? Uh, er…

    [Defensively] Heck, I don’t know… Not everybody buys three iPads at the same time, you know…

    {Pensively] Althooough… I suppose you would need three if you were planning on juggling them…

    [Impulsively distracted by this entertaining thought, Silly sits back in his chair with an unrealistically optimistic smile on his face and waits for Sue to start juggling her iPads.]

    [In so doing, however, he suddenly discovers that, not only is the chair he had offered to Sue the wrong one, but…]

  11. Sue says:

    Well, if you must know, one for me, one for hubby, one for a gift.

    No juggling. Randy does all the juggling.

    Need help getting out of that chair, Silly Rabbit?

  12. Ace Deuce says:

    A gift? Aww, you shouldn’t have!

  13. Sue says:

    Nothing’s too good for you, Ace.

  14. Silly Rabbit says:

    [… the chair in which Silly was sitting was actually the one with the tack. From out of the new hole in the ceiling tiles immediately above Silly’s chair, you can barely hear his muffled reply to Sue’s kind offer…]

    No, thanks… I’m good.

  15. Ace Deuce says:

    Silly Rabbit>hare trigger.

    And thank you, Sue. I understand that Gorilla Glass makes for a great cutting board!

  16. Nxxx says:

    Pah! Rubbish!

    If you want to juggle Apple, Mac Pros are the only way, still connected to the UK 220 volt mains as well.

  17. Sue says:

    Gee, no April Fool’s post. Sigh…..

  18. Nxxx says:

    We could institute a special May Fool’s day post, if you like.

  19. Sue says:

    I have to plan a whole month ahead?? That’s asking a lot. I’ll settle for a happy Easter.

  20. Steve G. says:

    But if you only come back in a month, you’ll likely miss a whole bunch of posts. Happens that way.

  21. blank says:

    Just noticed that Gruber is linking to CARS from DF. It’s proof that Moltz is Gruber!

  22. Sue says:

    Did you know John had a very nice web site? Wonder how long it will be before he looses interest in it?

  23. Ace Deuce says:

    I thought that John (Moltz) had a half-dozen web sites. Which one do you mean?

  24. Leif says:

    Honest question (don’t mean to start any fights!). Someone told me to come here because this was a funny site for Apple people. I just spent 10 minutes looking at the articles, and I’m still looking for the funny part. Am I missing something? I guess Scoopertino is the place for funny Apple stuff these days?

  25. Office Security Camera says:


    I like how Gruber admits that he stole a link from the very same page where Moltz jokes that he plans to steal quotes from author Mark Leyner. Little wonder why the more Magnanimous among us believe so staunchly that, ultimately, “There Can Be Only One (John).”


    Moltz and Gruber facing off with swords in a Highlander-esque battle to the finish… Truly a concept worthy of a PayPal donation. I wonder if I can negotiate for the video broadcast rights?

  26. Sue says:


    No, really. Not kidding.

  27. Sue says:

    Oh, and no comments. Check out the about page.

  28. Nxxx says:

    Look like the Mega-Post is really dead.

    It has lost posts.

  29. Office Security Camera says:

    But did you also notice, Sue, that John included a link back to here? That’s his way of telling us that WE, his devoted fans, have a comments section. You might call it “a link and a nod.”

    At least, that’s what I keep telling myself…

  30. blank says:

    Office Security Camera,

    If you can capture it, broadcast rights can no doubt be negotiated. I’ll get the popcorn.

    Just an observation, but it can’t be a very nice website without comments, now can it? Although, come to think of it, there is one other popular site lacking a comments feature. Hmmm. If I could only recall the name…

  31. Steve G. says:

    Sue, that explains some things.

    I might have figured this out, in which case, the universe might end. So I apologize in advance. (Which would be a shame, because I’d really like to see the Season 3 finale of Justified next week.)

    My theory: Moltz can make money by starting over with a new site, instead of trying to get us to pony up in case The Brains’ funding has dried up. (Yes, that’s a gratuitous “pony.”) Although, I thought that CARS used to have some more ads.

  32. Sue says:


    Well, since we can’t post at the very nice web site, I thought I’d post here.

    Yeah, really got to get one of the life-things. I hear they’re all the rage nowadays.

  33. Jonas Eggers says:

    What you define in your blog. There is one other popular site lacking a comments feature. So,add the extra content in you blog.

  34. Jonas Eggers says:

    I thought, you really got to get one of the life-things. There i one other popular site lacking comments feature.

  35. Sk8rCai says:

    Holy crap, I take a few days off and look what happens!

    What happened to CARS?
    Where the hell is the Megapost?
    Who drank my coffee?


  36. Ace Deuce says:

    Wait, are you the Artist Formerly Known As “Caius De Fleabag?”

    If so, welcome back! Otherwise, just welcome.

    Of course the Mega-Post died years ago and was superceded by the Giga-Post. It’s almost dead too, like the rest of CARS, but we still give out a whimper from time to time:

    • Sk8rCai says:

      Indeed, it is I! The Fleabag!

      Such a sad, sad time! I shall check out the Giga-Post! I do remember the start of the GigaPost!


      It’s just not the same!

  37. Gupta Feldsteing from Outsourceistan says:

    Talk about silly. She’s obviously blind already.

  38. Sue says:

    So where are you all hanging out these days? A blog that actually has new content once in a while?

    • Silly Rabbit says:

      [Silly is seen to be relaxing in a smoking jacket while lounging in his favorite chair that’s facing toward a large picture window through which you have a perfect view of the Pacific waves rolling onto the beach at Malibu. He looks up casually from his iPad 3 and sees that, yes, in fact, he did hear Sue’s voice, and he offers a familiar and welcoming smile.]

      Hi, Sue! So glad you could make it all the way out here! Please… have a seat!

      [Silly chuckles.] No, no tacks this time! Heh, heh… It’s Sunday, and I’m off the clock for the moment…

      {Silly turns his attention back to his iPad, sweeping his paw across the surface a couple times as he talks]

      Blogs with new content, you say? Well, this is a bit sudden… I should give this a little more thought, but…

      I do like to stop by the “Mr. Breakfast” site from time to time…

      And then, since one of my distant cousins works at the track, I like to follow “Welcome to My World of Grey” now and then. (Those greyhounds are actually good sports, once you take the time to know them… owners are, too, actually…)

      [Silly’s left ear twitches a little and his eyes roll up toward it, as though he’s hearing some very soft, very distant voice. He sighs, and then looks at Sue with the same earnest expression you see from time to time on TV.]

      But my favorite blog of all is the “taste of general mills” blog where you cal learn all kinds of wonderful facts and news about good health, nutrition, and other helpful information!”

      [Silly relaxes again, and looks at Sue sheepishly.]

      Yeah… none of us are ever really, totally off the clock, are we?

      [Silly sets his iPad down on a nearby ottoman and leans forward in his chair toward Sue with sincere interest on catching up with an old acquaintance.]

      So, really, it’s great to see you again. Let’s see… last time we talked, you were going to tell me about “randy juggling,” or something like that. What’s that all about?!

  39. Gupta Feldstein from Outsourceistan says:

    He moved. Unfortunately, no commenting.


  40. Sue says:

    Yes, I know. Not nearly as funny. Thanks anyway.

  41. Joan says:

    Gee that is crazy

  42. Joan says:

    that is non-sense

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