52 Responses to “Apple reveals new product quadrant”

  1. Hikerca says:

    Holy first Batman!

  2. Ace Deuce says:

    Not first!

  3. Ace Deuce says:

    Second, or third, perhaps.

  4. Ace Deuce says:


    Now to read the article…

  5. U. D. Mann says:

    A post from on CARD. It’s like Groundhog Day when Phil runs into Ned after all those years.

  6. Brother Mugga says:


    I was watching England run round and round the Azzurri to no effect and missed the Blog Post of the Year.

    Is it just me, or do these chaps look weirder and weirder the longer you stare at them. Like one of those fuzzy patterns that eventually turns into a picture of a puppy eating another puppy’s liver?

    Hmmm, just me then.

  7. buthidae says:

    I can’t wait for my iPad 2 “Bob” to be a sought-after collectors item!

  8. Steve G. says:

    What’s the price premium on a “Bob” product? I want to make sure it’s worth it. Because, sometimes, “best” isn’t good enough. Sometimes, you need “Bob.”

  9. Ace Deuce says:

    “Apple must” add more degrees to their product grid so they can have something to compete with every product Samsung has in a given category. This will probably require the addition of WTF, Not Ready for Prime Time, Bad, Mediocre, Not Bad, Steve, Splendiferous, and Boy Howdy.

  10. Mark Etting-Hype says:

    Bob is that previously elusive fourth dimension of product desirability, who, like a Special Relative, is at the same time both independent of the others and dependent on them. He is the product line equivalent of the Dashi flavor in the epicurean world: at once salty, sweet, sour and bitter, but more than that, too. He has so much “je ne sais quoi,” that he has effectively forced us to finally stop and ask ourselves just exactly what we do know about “je ne sais quoi.”

  11. Sue says:

    Still checking. Not sure why.

  12. Ace Deuce says:

    I think that’s exactly what Mr. Moltz is doing: checking, and not sure why.

    For me, the reason is that I’m in the questionable habit of commenting in the Giga-Post, and so anything posted here catches my eye.

    Regardless, it’s reassuring to see a comment from Sue.

  13. Brother Mugga says:

    It is indeed.

    Hello Sue.

    We’re still playing on the GigaPost.

    Join Us.

    Oh yes.

  14. Office Security Camera says:

    And here’s a comment for the Very Nice Web Site!

    Under the topic “Bravo,” Moltz shares this pull quote from Matt Humphries…

    If you use the word “fanless” in a product description I expect a device that does not use any fans in order to keep components cool. Fanless … has a meaning, specifically: no fans are being used. But HP seems to have overlooked that fact in its new Chromebox.

    Now, you see, this is where you guys have got it all wrong. “Fanless,” in this context, means “no one likes it very much.” Right… that kind of fan. Good… glad we got that all straightened out.

    Happy to be of service.

  15. Steve G. says:

    Thanks for the objectivity, OSC.

  16. Office Security Camera says:

    I appreciate the compliment, Mr. G. (It’s nice to have at least one fan.) Of course, you should expect nothing less from a soulless machine.

  17. Sue says:

    Anybody want to post a link for the giga post? I lost track of it. I’ll bring snacks. From Nature Box, of course.

  18. Nxxx says:

    Why no birds?

  19. fatbo says:


  20. michael says:

    It’s a watch!

  21. MarkMac says:

    Federighi’s presentations make me cringe (e.g. recent WWDCs), thus, “Good” is a stretch, however, he occupies the least effusive quadrant, so I must relent. Cue used to (very occasionally) play basketball on the Apple Campus courts, so he gets ++a (purposefully pre-increment because, like Cue, its better). Jony (I have wrongly spelled it Jonny for years) Ive has the uncomfortable stare of a serial killer, but who cares (not consumers).

  22. Sue says:

    Whew! That was stressful. Glad we’re back.

  23. A lot of good will still come out. I look forward to see the action of the producers.

  24. Steve G. says:

    Maybe I missed something from all the Apple Watch announcements: which edition is the Bob Edition? Is it just the “edition” edition?

    Any guidance is appreciated. Especially because I must have the Bob Edition Apple Watch.

  25. Gilvan says:

    I from Brazil

  26. Paul says:

    Bob edition was good,

  27. Where are the birds?

  28. renata says:

    I definitely want the first one

  29. Janio says:

    hahaha! Nice!That was stressful

  30. Duarte says:

    Yes! hahaha..Holy first Batman!

  31. Apple always innovating, so it is world leader.

  32. Camilo says:

    I think that’s exactly what Mr. Moltz is doing: checking, and not sure why. For me, the reason is that I’m in the questionable habit of commenting in the Giga-Post, and so anything posted here catches my eye.Regardless, it’s reassuring to see a comment from Sue.

  33. Better is enough! Apple is always funny.

  34. Rolling on the floor!

  35. Ling says:

    this is the best site ever

  36. Curso TOEIC says:

    This is sick! Cool stuff

  37. Coisa maluca, o que é isso?

  38. Neuro says:

    Very beautiful!

  39. What was the name of the site that comically hurled abuse at terrible Mac/ios software/apps ?

  40. Ana says:

    So Apple is a great brand, are always innovating.

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