Computer Users Receive 138th Sign Of The End Of The Macintosh.

Computer users everywhere were again given fair warning last week that the Macintosh is a doomed platform when PalmOne announced that it would discontinue Palm Desktop and hotsyncing for the Mac.

This marks the 138th time since the Macintosh was first introduced that the platform has been given final notice of its impending doom.

“Why! Oh, why!” sobbed Macintosh fanatic Quentin Dale. “The Mac was such a great platform! I just don’t understand why it didn’t catch on! But it’s over now! Over, do you hear me?!”

Dale, who does not himself use a PalmOS-based device, believes this straw, among the last 138, will be the one to break the Mac’s back.

“Surely the Mac cannot survive without Palm,” Dale said. “Or, rather, the Palm Desktop and hot syncing… as it currently exists… at this particular point in time… provided in this particular format…


Overcome again by a fit of sobbing, Dale wailed and put his face into his hands, weeping for several minutes before being distracted by a MacMall catalog he spied through the gap between his fingers.

“Oooh, that’s a great deal on free memory with a new G5…”

20 minutes later, after placing an order for a new G5, Dale seemed to have completely forgotten about his previous fit.

“Palm Desktop? I have no recollection of being in any way disturbed the the cancellation of Palm Desktop for the Mac. Why would I care? I don’t own a Palm.

“Hey, have you tried GarageBand?”