Adobe Complains That Porting Is Hard.

Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen complained yesterday that porting applications to Mactel will be much harder than Apple CEO Steve Jobs would have people believe.

Chizen said “Oh, man, I mean didn’t we just port some… thing… for the Mac? And now we’ve got to do it again?

As a matter of fact, Adobe did finally port Photoshop to OS X in 2002, somewhat late to the party.

“Coding is really haaaard,” Chizen said, first staring at his feet, then looking up at the ceiling and rolling his eyes.

“Like, right now, I don’t even know where the code for the Mac version of Photoshop is. I guess someone probably does. Todd, maybe. I guess. I don’t know. Pff. Sheesh.”

Chizen said that he might look for it this afternoon, but that he was supposed to go meet some other software executives down at the Gas-N-Sip to hang out.

“I hear [Intuit CEO Steve] Bennett’s got a Playboy,” Chizen said, laughing nervously.

Chizen’s attitude has not gone unnoticed. Indeed, some in the Macintosh community seem to believe that Chizen is actually only 14-years-old.

“Is he not?” asked Macworld magazine editor Jason Snell. “Oh, wow. I just assumed from all the whining…”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs discounted Chizen’s complaints. “It’s so easy to port an application to an Intel Mac that I’ll do it right now, blindfolded.”

Donning a blindfold, Jobs put his hand to his Mighty Mouse.

“OK, here we go. Just click over here… drag this over here… move this function… drag a few semicolons… and voila!”

Pulling off the blindfold Jobs looked at his screen.

“Oh,” he said. “I probably should have booted it up first.

“But it’s totally easy. Totally.”