Mac Events Cancelled.

IDG announced last week that it has cancelled Macworld Expo Boston. The company claimed that “the industry prefers one main industry event”, but clearly Apple’s decision several years ago to stop attending heavily impacted the importance of the event.

Following so quickly on the announcement that there will be no keynote at Macworld Expo Paris, the news cast a pall over the Mac community.

Indeed, many other events in the Mac world have recently been cancelled in a chain reaction of cancellation.

According to sources at Apple, Saturday night strip poker sessions with Senior Vice President of Applications Sina Tamaddon were cancelled this week due to “chair chafing.” Regular attendees are asked to moisturize diligently before next week’s session and bring a towel to sit on.

Meanwhile, Mac pundit John Gruber was forced to pull his two university extension classes – “Obsessing About Menu Item Placement” and “Online Writing for Obsessive/Compulsives” – when he fell into a deep funk about the small size of the clickable area around the Apple menu icon.

Mac maven Andy Ihnatko would like to announce that he has cancelled his scheduled trip to the comic book store this Thursday because New Avengers #11 isn’t shipping until next week and, frankly, Brian Michael Bendis’ run on the title is really the only thing that gets him out of bed anymore.

Across the Mac community, Talk Like A Pirate Day was called off “due to incredible lameness.” The image of pirates, it turns out, was dealt a more serious blow by Cutthroat Island than was previously thought. The pirating industry is concerned that it still may be years before the stigma has completely worn off and Geena Davis’ new fall drama isn’t exactly helping things.

And finally, Crazy Apple Rumors Site has cancelled this week’s Wednesday post so that we may focus on our charity work.

Which, yes, happens to involve “spotting” nubile PAC 10 college gymnasts as they nimbly perform their gyrations.

But that makes it sound much more tawdry than it is.