Happy Holidays!

We’ll be back next Wednesday!

Don’t play with the radio while we’re gone.

Seriously. If I come back and it’s set to a Spanish channel or something, I’m going to be really angry.

I spend a lot of time programming those buttons…

71 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!”

  1. If you haven’t already posted, please do so immediately so I can get the coveted Last Post.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. I’ve decided that this is my last post on this topic. The only thing that can possibly change that is if….
    never mind. Somebody answer the phone. Damn. It’s the voices again.

    Give me ambivalence or give me something in a dark suede with tassles, or possibly two scoops of raisins.

    Super size that, please.

  3. Heads down, act naturally and keep whistling.
    Moltz is due in under twenty-four hours and he mustn’t suspect we’ve been plotting.

  4. Hey, um…
    Did anybody figure how to set the radio back yet?
    I’m a little far away to do it myself. I wouldn’t want us to be punished – Moltz might have Ugluk get Neanderthal on our asses.

  5. So I had ended up having Christmas Dinner in a Waffle House in Findlay Ohio (Long Story). When I got in I asked if they had seen the Entity recently, but my waitress said I had just missed him. Luckily the coffee was hot and the waffles were very very yummy. Plus the waitress was wearing this great shirt. It read, “Be Naughty, Save Santa a Trip”.

    I really hope they repeal that Michigan law that forbids the sale of grits in any establishment. Than maybe we’d get a waffle house…. I LOVE WAFFLEES… with Soap!

  6. Did the waitress’s shirt really suggest that we should ingest LSD rather than Santa?
    How the hell do you think he flies?

  7. If someone has to be punished for changing the radio station, I’d like to volunteer. Just so long as there are whips and fetters involved.

  8. I always took Santa for the psychodelic mushroom type instead of LSD. You know, more natural and stuff. Although it does grow on shit, maybe he doesn’t like the thought (or taste) of that.

    Sick bastard that I am, if I was approached by a waitress wearing a shirt reading “Be Naughty, Save Santa a Trip” I would have to jump her. Ok, if she was ugly I might have to have a few more beers first (or whiskey shots, depending on just how ugly she was), but she would definitely get screwed.

  9. Who was speculating on the radio? Dang. Moltzy is gonna be pissed.

    Does anybody remember what stations these buttons were on? I thought he had it on a salsa/rap station. Or was it reggae/hip-hop? Or maybe it was a local sports talk about the Seahawks. I’m thinking they’d all sound about the same.

    WC—-don’t do that. It might be someone we know.

    If you hold it just like this none leaks out. See?

  10. Amazingly nobody followed on the comment from the original post “I’m going to be really angry.”

    I guess the appropriate follow-on should be: “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

    Last post?? Since it’ll always be difficult for first being on Eastern time, I figured I could try for last.

  11. I sure was going to play with the CARS radio, but it’s up out of my reach. So I played with my own radio instead.

    That was such a bad idea. I might have gotten away with it on a simple radio, but now I’ve got a spanish speaking station on one set of speakers, an english one on another and I’d swear there’s television playing on the built in display. Pressing RESET didn’t help either and now the volume is up far too high.

    If only Apple would get into the radio business. Then I wouldn’t have had this problem. Phooey!

  12. Adelantado, Juan. ¿Por qué ningún español? ¿Usted ha conseguido algo contra la lengua de la hermosa y talentosa Eva Longoria? ¡Ahhh, Eva! ¡Que magnífica!

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