Apple Issues iPod Warning.

Apple managed to keep its nose clean during last year’s exploding battery excitement as many manufacturers were affected. But it may not be so lucky if the most recent problem with exploding hardware becomes an issue.

According to reports on Macintouch and Apple’s discussion boards, an iPod can explode if a user puts too many songs on it.

“When we say a 30 GB iPod holds 7,500 songs,” said senior vice president of the iPod division Tony Fadell, “We mean it holds 7,500 songs.

“Not 7,501. Or 7,550. Or 9,000.”

Suddenly serious, Fadell said “Please, for the love of god, don’t try to put 9,000 songs on a 30 GB iPod. Seriously. Don’t.”

Apple’s advised upper limit is apparently not restrictive. While iTunes will usually prevent a user from copying over the limit, in certain instances it will allow a user to copy more.

There is no way of knowing exactly how many songs you can safely put on your iPod, but a tell-tale sign of impending explosion is a noticeable bulging in the unit.

“If you see it bulging,” Fadell warned, “You’re going to want to put it down and, well, run.

“If you’re around some water, dump it in immediately. Or you can smother it with a pillow. Or a pet. This is no time to be sentimental. Then duck and cover. And if you catch on fire, drop and roll.”

Fadell admitted the company had not really worked out proper procedures for users who have put too many songs on their iPods but figured running and dropping and rolling couldn’t hurt.

Users are advised to gingerly pick up their iPod and gently scroll through to see how many songs they have on it.

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  1. speaking of exploding apple products, anyone see macrumors talking about round II of exploding batteries



  2. Oh hey! Mr. Moltz sir?..

    It sorta looks like your high-powered WordPress thingy doesn’t know what time it is yet… or are you running through a proxy in Arizona?

  3. So this is why North Korea isn’t allowed to import the high tech toys. Kim Jong-il would fill thousands of iPods way past their capacities and fling them at unsuspecting enemies.

    He may have to resort to shipping out microwave ovens with poodles cooked on “high” instead.

  4. I like Beethoven’s 6th Symphony.

    Can I have 7,500 versions of it on mine?

    These are the important things Moltz.

  5. Bulging…. hehehe

    Bulging. I would… hehehehehe

    Bu… HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Woohooooo!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    … aw, never mind..

  6. John,

    Although the CARS staff may know how to plumb the arcane mysteries of the Cult of Cupertino, they don’t know beans about bursting into flame. It’s STOP, drop and roll! Not run around, drop and roll.

    Sheesh! You’d almost think that you enjoy helpless seeing users fanning the flames of their misfortune. It’s bad enough that Apple doesn’t provide support for this bulge problem, even if you have AppleCare.

  7. ummmmmm. That’s supposed to read “seeing helpless users…”

    not “helpless seeing users”. I mean, even BLIND users wouldn’t be completely helpless… unless they tried to RUN AROUND, then drop, then roll.

    That would be bad.

  8. I’m starting to understand CARS now.

    Someone has just discovered Photoshop’s liquify tool…

  9. “If you’re around some water, dump it in immediately.”

    Being Anonymous, I have no problems dumping in the water. Or even farting in an elevator.

  10. Whoo-hoo, I’m legal! I mean, #18, anyway.

    What happens if I have 7500 songs on my iPod and I add a comedy routine? (I’m thinking about a “wafer thin mint”, if you must know.) Or a small sound bite? (Like “D’oh!”.) What about the sound of somebody farting in an elevator? (It’s rather echo-y.) Will it still explode?

  11. Duck and cover probably won’t work in this case, but what about covering it with a duck? They’re used to flying through the air.

  12. Ah. iPod as hand grenade. Brilliant.

    Well, some Zunes actually have this problem, although it’s the battery that swells and cracks the screen.

  13. OOOOooooh. I wonder if my current release of The Gimp on my Linux box has Spherize??

    Oops, did I just blaspheme? Just to stay in good standing, I know that my current version of Photoshop on my iBook has Spherize.

  14. > OOOOooooh. I wonder if my current release of The Gimp on my Linux box has Spherize??

    > Oops, did I just blaspheme?

    Yes, but doesn’t it suck you in? Didn’t you… enjoy… the guilty, tingling feeling of doing something just slightly… _Wrong_?

    …Paint.NET has spherize.


  15. Get down low and Go Go Go!

    Do the 139 stupid little 15kb iTrip files count? They’re not really tunes.

  16. I don’t know. Moltz is in international waters, obviously on the lam. I’ve heard he’s under a fatwah for using Sina Tamaddon’s name in vain. I’m beginning to doubt whether this site is suitable for children. Blank’s post has a woody for crying out lout.

    What will it do to your Vista if you spherize in Ubuntu. Will it get a woody, too?

    This whole thing is making me tired.

    If you aren’t going to finish that, I’d like to frame it. Thank you.

  17. You’re not suppose to simply drop and roll. Anyone who ever completed kindergarten will know that you’re suppose to STOP, drop, and roll.

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