Fadell Has Screaming Tantrum.

In a disappointing sign of Apple’s executive team’s ability to effectively manage the company, senior vice president of the iPod division Tony Fadell had what child psychologists call “a tantrum” this afternoon.

According to sources, when told that his division would not be receiving the revenue for the iPhone upon its release, Fadell stomped his feet in protest.

“But it’s an iPod!” Fadell said. “It plays music!”

“Well,” CEO Steve Jobs explained gently, “So does the Mac. But the iPhone’s in a category of its own. For the time being, [COO] Tim [Cook]’s going to get the revenue.”

“But it’s an iPod!” whined an increasingly pouty Fadell.

“Uh, no it’s not,” Jobs said.

“Is so, is so, IS SO!” Fadell yelled, dropping to the floor and pounding it with his fists.

“It’s not really his fault,” Jobs said. “He had a lot of sugar earlier and didn’t get a nap.”

But Fadell isn’t the only executive with maturation issues. According to sources:

  • Tim Cook “acts out” in senior staff meetings.
  • Ron Johnson is on ritalin.
  • Donald Rosenberg sometimes doesn’t “use his words.”
  • Bertrand Serlet runs like a girl.

Apple’s stock dropped five points on the news, without the help of Engadget.