Mac Community Up In Arms Over Microsoft Move.

An outcry erupted from the Mac community today as Microsoft announced that it was discontinuing MSN for the Mac.

Disappointed Mac users across the globe vented their frustrations in blog posts, forum messages and emails.

“Huh?” said Macworld editor Jason Snell. “I thought they killed that back when they killed IE. Yeah, I’m sure of it.

“No? Huh. Well… uh…

“OK. I mean, what do you want me to say?”

Snell’s fury was equally matched by that of TidBITS’ Adam Engst.

“They canceled what now?” Engst, the author of one of the earliest books on how to get on the Internet, asked. “When did they make a Mac version of that?

“And why?

“And why are you calling me? And how did you get this number?

“And, hey, wait… they killed this back in 2005. What the…?”

The same level of furious rage could also be felt emanating from Apple, although it met the announcement with stony silence.

Except for CEO Steve Jobs who, when reached for comment, launched into a furious expletive-ridden screed.

Although that may have been over how we got his home number.

37 thoughts on “Mac Community Up In Arms Over Microsoft Move.”

  1. Why does everyone want to talk to me when they’re confused?
    I don’t get it…

    I’m just going to refer them to my Pantsâ„¢ from now on.

  2. Twenty points to each of the CARS staff for using the word “screed.” It is far superior to the hackneyed “rant.”

    And man, they really got his number! And they got him pegged too.

  3. To my everlasting shame, I still use it.

    Death, where is thy sting?

    First one to post ‘Reforming the Police’ gets four free copies of ‘Vista for Macs’.

  4. UMMmmmm John? I’m not picking nits or anything, but it’s equalled.


    I’m just sayin’… By the way, did you have a nice weekend?

  5. Lucky No 13th (and the first time I get less then 20. That’s something isn’t it?)

  6. Yawn.

    Wake me when they decide to cancel MS.

    Now THAT will be news to celebrate.

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  7. One of my associates got a bad case of MSN. Two weeks on penicillin took care of that.

    The Dr. said he should be more careful in selecting those with which he has intimate contact.

  8. Yeah, it’s news from 2005 but let’s not forget what the real point is… Steve Jobs home phone number! Haha!

  9. Have you seen the Microsoft TABLE.
    I’ve always wanted a 4 x 8 foot portable electronic device!
    AND it runs VISTA.
    I’ve always really, really wanted a dead 4 x 8 foot portable electronic device!

  10. This is a recycled article! Are we now going to have to endure “The Best of CARS” anytime John wants some time off?

    Or is John suffering from the early symptoms of AtAT disease?


  11. I blame Macsurfer. They had this linked to on their main page yesterday. I also blame poltergeists and hobgoblins. There may also be a monkey in the works. A wrench in the ointment.

  12. You called him on his iPhone didn’t you?

    He hates that. He loves the thing to death and now it has a bad association with it.
    He’ll have to make a new one out of clay.

  13. I think it’s funny that when this came out back in 05 people thought they where doing away with MSN Messenger, since that’s what most people used, not the actual MSN app which is a knock off of the AOL Portal app. Good riddance I say!

  14. Never blame the monkey. He hates that.

    Oh, and what’s this MSN thingie of which you rant?

  15. Emesen?
    Probably a town in Germany or a big river in South America.
    Don’t ask me. I was asleep during that class.

  16. Isn’t Emesen that talentless trailer trash cracker who thinks he can rap? I think he calls himself slim something or something like that.

    As if anyone cared.

  17. Rip Ragged had this to say:

    I think I’ll stick to kicking my furniture. Rebooting a coffee table just seems wrong.

    Not to me, because my coffee table never responds to the first kick. I have to boot it and reboot it repeatedly to get it to do anything.

    What I find amusing is the fact that M$ actually found a way to make a more useless computer. Good idea folks, build a computer that’s also a coffee table. So you can’t use the table if you want to use the computer (unless you can see through things – I guess if you only had glass stuff on it that might work) and you can’t use the computer if you want to use the table (same caveat applies here). So you go ahead and clear off the table so you can try to do something with the computer, only to have it crash with the lovely blue screen of death and become the most expensive coffee table ever produced.

    At that point I think I’d just simply throw the useless pile of trash out the freakin window.

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