New PowerBooks Coming… nnnnnnNOW! No, Wait…

After reporting that speed-bump PowerBooks would be released last week, O’Grady’s PowerPage now indicates that new PowerBooks will be arriving “NnnnnnnnnnNOW!

“Oh, shoot,” said Jason O’Grady. “Wait, let me try that again.

“NnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNOW!” he called out, clicking to refresh Apple’s home page in Safari.


According to friends and coworkers, O’Grady has been predicting the arrival of new PowerBooks at random intervals ever since they failed to materialize last week.

“It’s really starting to get annoying,” said fellow PowerPage poster Pierce Case. “I wish he’d just drop it already.”

O’Grady has also tried numerous different things designed to induce Apple to release new PowerBooks.

“I tried loading their home page in multiple browsers, I tried my lucky hat, I tried this sort of incantation thing that I kind of made up on the spot… sort of ‘Allakazam! Skudda-bwam!’ That kind of thing.


Sources at Apple indicate that O’Grady’s thought waves do not appear to be penetrating the building.

“I didn’t feel anything,” said Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering Jon Rubinstein. Turning to Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing Greg Joswiak, Rubinstein asked “Did you feel anything?”

“No,” Joswiak replied smiling. “Tell him to try his lucky hat again. No, no! Tell him to try it on one leg!”

Rubinstein snickered. “Dude, you are so bad!”

O’Grady was not amused by the Apple executives’ mockery.

“Laugh it up,” he said. “But they shall release new PowerBooks within the fortnight! So sayeth… uh… so sayeth a reliable source! Yes! And… and… then there shall be a pox upon both their houses! And… their teeth shall… require… those whitening strips… for they shall become stained… as they seek to stain my reputation! Ha-ha! Yes! I shall be vindicated!

“Definitely before the end of the month. I’m 100 percent sure of that.”

O’Grady then turned back to his PowerBook, hovered his finger over the track pad button and called out to no one in particular, “Waaaaaaaait for iiiiiiiiiit!”

Suddenly shouting “HUZZAH!” he clicked refresh once again.