CARS Exclusive: Photos Of New iPods!

Sources within Apple’s new iPod division under Senior Vice President Jon Rubinstein have forwarded these stunning photos of Apple’s upcoming line of new iPods! Based on these photos, we predict 2004 will go down as the year of the iPod!

Apple’s new flash-based iPod!

The rumors you heard of a sub-$100 iPod are true! Apple hits the sweet spot with this flash-based doozy that will make the world’s best stocking stuffer come the holiday shopping season! You’ll be seeing these all over by early 2005 we predict!

[Editor’s Note: Uh, well, it looks like we may have been had on this one. Upon further inspection, this appears to be a Handspring 200 with a scanned image of an iPod stuck on the front. Still, we believe our predictions on the flash-based iPod are sound. They just… won’t be old PDAs with pictures taped to the front of them.]

The Multi-Media iPod!

What you’ve heard is true! Apple will deliver a color multi-media iPod that will integrate with iPhoto and show MPEG-encoded movies! This high-end device will be the ultimate geek toy!

[Editor’s Note: Yeah. OK, this seems to be a Newton 2100 with… again… a scanned image of an iPod stuck on the front. Normally, we’re really good about vetting these pictures. I don’t know what happened. I think we just got really excited and didn’t use our editorial judgement. Also, and this is not meant as an excuse, but I think there might be a gas leak in here.]

The Pro iPod!

Little is known about this tantalizing device, but its target market is pro users who need portable music, multi-media and data integration power. We’ll get more information to you as it becomes available.

[Editor’s Note: Um… that’s… that’s a ham and swiss on wheat sandwich with… a scanned image of an iPod stuck on the front.

I don’t…

I’m not…

I’m feeling… a little woozy…]