Ah, Crap.

I’m sitting here as the Entity is opening a turbulent trans-spacial portal that we will shortly jump into to battle Tentaculous somewhere around the Crab Nebula (there’s a lot of seafood in outer space, have you noticed?), and I have one last second to check on the state of Mac rumors before I must hurl myself into this swirling mass of energy, to an unknown fate…

… and I see this.

That’s great. That’s just great.

Well, look, if they do announce a cheap, high-powered Mac that slices bread and makes Julienne fries and galactic pie, well, buy me a dozen.

I’ll totally reimburse you.


(Offer of reimbursement void on planet Earth.)

Oh, and CTHULHU, could you water the plants? Huck’s already agreed to take out the recycling. And Cai’s going to bring in the mail.

And I see Greenacres and Uhhhdude and Psyko and MacStansbury and Liebnitz and Skip and The Evil Invisible Boy’s Choir and John C. Randolph and Ozi and Streetrabbit and Dan and Bellidancer and Hank and…