Ah, Crap.

I’m sitting here as the Entity is opening a turbulent trans-spacial portal that we will shortly jump into to battle Tentaculous somewhere around the Crab Nebula (there’s a lot of seafood in outer space, have you noticed?), and I have one last second to check on the state of Mac rumors before I must hurl myself into this swirling mass of energy, to an unknown fate…

… and I see this.

That’s great. That’s just great.

Well, look, if they do announce a cheap, high-powered Mac that slices bread and makes Julienne fries and galactic pie, well, buy me a dozen.

I’ll totally reimburse you.


(Offer of reimbursement void on planet Earth.)

Oh, and CTHULHU, could you water the plants? Huck’s already agreed to take out the recycling. And Cai’s going to bring in the mail.

And I see Greenacres and Uhhhdude and Psyko and MacStansbury and Liebnitz and Skip and The Evil Invisible Boy’s Choir and John C. Randolph and Ozi and Streetrabbit and Dan and Bellidancer and Hank and…

68 thoughts on “Ah, Crap.”

  1. “Your childish taunt rolls off my impenetrable psyche.”

    Ummm, which taunt? Whichever it is I would like to apologize, because I seem to have made you hate me. I just can’t have that. I mean, what will the world think about a Psyko that isn’t even loved by Bellidancer? I am ruined without your support. Please unhate me.

    Oh yeah, and a special thanks to a certain Comment Box that made me happy. I really appreciated being brought up to a high happy state right before Bellidancer pushed me into the deep pit of despair. That way I could be going just that much faster when I hit the bottom.

  2. Hey, I just found my taunt. I am sorry Bellidancer. I only made it on the list before you because John was going in alphabetical order. I am not sure which alphabet he was using, but I swear it is the truth.

  3. Won’t there not be never ever no article again?

    Stupid Tentaculus must be dead until now.

    Buhuuu I want my Moltz.


  4. Must…I…shit!!!…eight legged freaky bastard.

    I’m sorry my friends…My God…I’ve killed us all!!!


    Man this is so cool I’m like totally stoked.

    Apple have upraded the Xserve G5 and it’s really cool and bitchin’

    This thing totally rocks it’s like space on earth man it’s creepily serious.



    Wow that does sound cool!

    New and improved is so yesterday,

    Psyko, sorry I let my pique get the best of me.

    (Now I need to call Big Tony and cancel the cement order.)

  7. Sorry, but once you order from Big Tony it gets delivered. No canceling allowed, just ask Hoffa.

  8. Hey, John and his CARS stopped on the back page of this month’s Macworld magazine. Congrats! Now who is a real journalist?!

  9. Here’s a Corona, and I put a plate of limes out if you want one in your beer.

    The Calamari is very tasty. It was toasted to crispy perfection using the iFlame. No rubbery Calamari around here!

  10. Word is John saved a baby from Tentaculous. Nicely done. Come home and get back to work on those crazy rumors.

  11. You know Del, a patio for the MegaPost would be nice too, but it is up to Bellidancer. After all it is her concrete.

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