68 thoughts on “Apple Releases URL Shortening Store”

  1. John Gruber just wrote about this. This is obviously more proof that John Moltz is John Gruber.

  2. Could someone explain why all the emails I get are about lengthening my URL, but Moltz and Gruber and Nate are all yakking about shortening it. What gives?

  3. Unlike other shortening schemes where URLs are quickly shortened via a web input page, Apple’s scheme will first require “URL developers”

  4. Ace, I think they’re all in this together: one to get you to shorten it, so you’ll need the other one to lengthen it.

    Dammit Gordy, get to work. Who unchained Gordy? His Steveness (not me) is going to be pissed.

    Will ap.pl be shiny?

  5. @ace… could you turn your comment down? I can’t hear myself thinking!

    @Steve… Shiny, yes. Sparkly, no.

    @derekm.. Sorry… Links to Hansen are *never* ok.
    And put that bop back where you found it.

    So what happens when the URL lengthening service and ap.pl target the same URL?

  6. Okay, I turned my comment down from eleven to about two, but now *I* can’t hear myself think. I wonder why that is?

    What is the sound of one lobe thinking?

  7. If John Gruber is Moltz and Moltz is Gruber, who is this Obama we keep hearing about in Europe? Are the two Johns neither of them or all three?

  8. I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. When I click on an ap.pl url, it first opens iTunes, where I get a short video introduction to urls (they are web addresses, the video explains, a bit like a phone number, but for Internet sites). Then I get a list of sites that other people who clicked on that ap.pl link also clicked on, and a URL Genius asks whether I want to send my web browser history to Apple. At this point, I can opt to open the web page I originally clicked on right inside iTunes, for my convenience.

    An additional feature is that Apple has now decided to randomly remove previously approved links from its database, making sure that even if a previously-good page suddenly becomes evil due to the shifting political climate, it will eventually be blocked for our own good.

    I love it!

  9. Thank God for that. I’m so sick of Lindsay Lohan getting all up in my shizz.

    Shizz being twenty-sixth, of course.

    Not my Pantsâ„¢.

  10. I heard there was shiny here! YAY

    Thanks Moltz for helping us celebrate the world domination of the TerrorPost by posting a new CARS article.

  11. I’m letting my Pantsâ„¢ stay on hiatus, until Moltz comes back from hiatus.
    If he can pull off at least two more posts this week, I’ll reconsider.

  12. @Ace In the immortal words of Dave Barry, “Longer? Why would I want to make [my url] longer?”

    Well, they’re mostly Dave’s immortal words.

    Also, I’m a little disturbed that both Johns and I all posted on this on the same day. Maybe we’re all the same person!

  13. Not me. I’m not the same person. Not no how, no way.

    I’m not the same anymore. I’m a changed man.

    No, not that kind of changed man! You’re a strange one, you know that?

  14. Or possibly really good at the splits. His willy would not be cold as it would be on the Equator.

  15. I was thinking more along the ‘bi’-lines.

    North, South . . . he’s not fussy…

    The filthy hoar.

  16. I’m sorry, Sweetheart… What did you say? I missed everything after “simply.”

  17. “Uh, hello? … Is this the police? … Yes, well, I’d like to report a disturbance. This creepy guy keeps showing up around here without his Pantsâ„¢… What? No way! … He can do that? … Yes, I could look the other way, I suppose, but I was taught that going without Pantsâ„¢ destroys the moral fabric of society! … There must be an ordinance, I’m sure … Listen, I pay taxes — I pay your salary … Okay, let me talk to the Captain … He took his Pantsâ„¢ for a walk? … Oh, for crying out loud! Forget the whole thing!”

  18. In American football, punts are for champs, and the lady chants in pumps.

    In the rest of the world, pints are for chimps, and pimps wear chintz.

    Okay, okay, I’ll desist, since you insist.

  19. Pints are for drunkards, unless it is sea food is being served in Imperial Pint quantities, when it is usually for ptomaine poisoning.

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