Snow Leopard, Mac Users, To Come On Friday

Apple announced today that Snow Leopard – its hotly anticipated operating system update – would be coming this Friday, August 28th.

In a related announcement just moments ago, the Mac user community announced that it too would be coming on Friday, shortly after receiving delivery of Snow Leopard.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Chicago MUG president Eric Northam said “Based on what we’ve seen of developer seeds, Snow Leopard looks to be an exciting release, full of the rich technologies that give hopeless squealing nerds like us immediate wood. The install process should take roughly an hour which is way more time than we’re used to holding out, so we expect climax to be achieved within moments of restart.

“In my case, for example, tracking currently says Snow Leopard should be delivered to my house around 10:20 AM, so I fully expect to have jizzed my pants by about 11:30.”

While Snow Leopard is not being touted as a feature-rich update, Mac users say their pent-up demand is because they “haven’t gotten any for almost two years“.

“Just because we’re used to it doesn’t mean we like it,” Northam said.

Rumors that Apple would be handing out Snow Leopard-themed boxes of Kleenex for purchasers who line up at retail stores could not be confirmed.

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  1. Tweaked MSS with Venom cams and compression ratio so high, it pinked even on five star. Couldn’t afford a new fishtail so ran it for a while on Triumph ‘silencer’, somewhat noisy. Stuffed a Saint cop muffler up it but it blew out. Ended up bolted in with a considerable hunk cut off the end of the Saint. Had to go back to fishtail.

  2. Nice! I always think Venoms and Thruxtons just look like ‘proper’ motorbikes. Like the MSS (500?). Although surely they must hurt your arse? The LE, on the other hand, always reminds me of a foldaway bike. Albeit in a nice ‘incredibly well designed within its limited criteria’ kind of way.

    Clearly I only understood about half what you said, however, because apparently I’m ‘not allowed to have a bike now I’m a dad’.


    I despair.

    My relationship to bikes is now somewhat similar to my relationship to Jennifer Fricking Connelly, alas.

    I have two mates who are racing each other to re-build Norton’s from what appears to be the contents of the swarf bucket in the metalwork department at our local comp. I’m a physicist, so they periodically ask me stuff about sprocket dongles and wonk ratchets and what not. Which would be fine were my specialism related to engineering rather than quantum physics (which is to say, something useful rather than utterly poncy).

    Not that I can even remember anything about the latter, now I’m so old and mentally diffuse.

    Ho hum.

    I am planning to make the TT though one day. It’s The Law.

  3. Also,

    Q: What do you call an Essex girl with two brain cells?

    A: Pregnant.

    Ace, surely there are similar chortlnessess about, say, Alabama?

  4. Brother Mugga,

    It would not be sporting for me to comment about a place I haven’t visited, which narrows the field if I choose to be fair. Once I did ride through Oakland, California on BART, and I can confirm that there was no “there” there at that time.

    Glad to know you’re quantum physicist, as I was hoping to find out what the going rate on quanta was these days, as I have buckets of them stored out in the garage, hidden under some Plancks. When the demand is high enough, I hope to make a bundle selling them to the labs that do the non-theoretical, down-and-dirty, nuts-and-bolts quantum experimentation. Is this a viable business model, or do I need to write a grant proposal?

  5. Your business model seems entirely sound, but I feel you also need a paradigm shift, Ace. It’s much easier than stick shift and takes you to new and exciting places much faster. Moreover, your quanta will love it there as they’ll be free to roam pretty much everywhere, rather than having to sit around waiting for someone to call.

    I have some brownian paper and super-string here you can wrap them in for sale.

    Also, surely Oakland is just a suburb of Cisco?

    Or so my hippy hill-hugging san-fran-friends inform me.

    It’s almost like they *want* me to get beaten up…

  6. Also, I think quantum physicist is something of an overly flattering description these days. I had to read a wikipedia page about perturbation mechanics for someone who needed help the other day and while I recognised all the symbols (just), I understood about the same percentage as in Nxxx’s previous entry. It was all faintly embarrassing.

    Gone, apparently, are the days when such stuff was munched for breakfast.

    Is it just me, or does getting older make you so very, very much thicker?

  7. Gentlemen,

    I must say that it has been several years (if ever) that I have read things that are presumably written in English that I cannot even come close to comprehending.

    Thank you for taking me out of a late-afternoon stupor.

    And I’ll think we’ll be skipping the trip to England…

  8. No no! Come over, Steve. Not everyone is as weird as Nxxx and me.


    At least give London a stab (however unfortunate the proximity of those two words).

    Just think of all those loverly pearly queen’s and beefeaters and lets-all-go-down-the-strand-have-a-bannana and whatnot?

    What’s not to like?

  9. Thanks, but I think instead of wrapping them in brownian paper, I’ll just put them in Klein bottles with nice colorful labels on the sides. That way if I forget to include some quanta, the ones I left out will still be in there. Too bad I have to pay the city’s exhorbitant fee for a four-dimensional manufacturing permit. They’re squashing all us cutting-edge companies with their anti-innovation stance.

  10. Ace,

    You could locate your facility in a run-down section of the city (whichever city that might be) and qualify for tax credits.

    That way, if your experiments have an “issue,” you could claim to be in rapid, large-scale urban development.

  11. Can safely recommend Newcastle on a snowy winter night now Brown’s crossed the river and even worse, being brewed in Tadcaster.
    Go into a pub, buy those already there a Broon and then continue asking, “What did you say?”. Great reaction, better than knocking over Hell’s Angels choppers.

  12. Ace, I feel the perfect location for your new venture would be on that new Möbius Strip, out along the Escher Highway?

    And I do hope you’re referring to the Hell’s Angels’ bikes there, Nxxx. Because otherwise they might get frisky, rather than violent. And I’m not sure which would be worse.

  13. Brother,

    They would only get frisky if the choppers were still in their mouths, as opposed to a glass on the bar.

    These trans-Atlantic definitional quirks are good for hours of entertainment!

  14. I donated my collection of Hell’s Angels prosthetic dental appliances to the Smithsonian. They wanted them because they were the best known collection of dentures that purposely had missing “teeth,” presumably to keep up appearances.

  15. We’ve also got motorcycle gangs that make the Angels seem like the Women’s Institute. They have been knocking off Angels.
    Wonder if bullet proof colours are available?

  16. Sorry, Nxxx … Guess we all got a little distracted by the incredible earnings statement… And the stock price leap… And the new MacBook… And the new Magic Mouse… And the new iMacs… And the drop in M$ stock price… Um, excuse me, Nxxx, but I’ve got to excuse myself for a little while… You don’t need to wait up for me, okay? Good. Be seeing you!

  17. Every message posted here could have been posted on the Giga-Post, but NOOOOOOO!

    I predict the Giga-Post will reach 4096 long before this one reaches 192, mark my words. With a highlighter. On your Cinema display.

  18. @Ace,

    Where’s the Giga-Post again? I keep misplacing it. Or do I mislay it? I can never remember. Maybe I’ve been mistaking it for someone else. That would explain a lot of things. Especially the things I can’t remember.

    What were we just talking about again?

  19. Fear not, for I am the Giga-Post. Click on my name and you will soon be in my midst. I know that sounds creepy, but there you have it. I can be recognized by my page title, which is “The Mega-Post is Dead,” and I am usually lurking in the Recent Comments sidebar. And I take a comparatively long time to load, because I am many and vast, not to mention corpulent. Happy Hour starts at 4 pm in every time zone. Contrary to its name, Happy Hour lasts not just one hour, but until you are unconscious. Void where prohibited by law. Trans-fat free, but not cruelty free. This disclaimer valid until midnight, December 31st, 1957.

  20. There’s enough of us here to bust Young Johnnie’s Band Limit. Now that might persuade him to end the hiatus.

  21. I feel Young Johnnie’s ‘Band’ Limit may be under threat anyway the longer he fails to exhiat and instead sits around scoffing pretzels and donuts and other I-watch-telly-and-this-is-what-all-Americans-eat fare.

    Obviously this pun only works if you can mentally substitute ‘belt’ for ‘band’, which is a bit of a stretch.

    Geddit? ‘Stretch’?

    I’m on fire!

    I was going to do a pun on wedding ‘band’ and hint that John had some kind of a hugely promiscuous mosely-esque babe-fest going on . . . but we’ve all seen his ‘crib’, so that would be even more of a stretch. Unless we count his various ‘collectors figures’ as ‘[baby]dolls’.

  22. Mr. Moltz is doubtless engaged in some very important research that takes him to the Point Defiance Zoo watching the whales, and endless hours at the employment office. As an investigative journalist, he has to jostle with the crowds so he can gauge the pulse of society and report to the world what’s what.

    Or he could be watching TV. Same thing, I suppose.

    Meanwhile we pine for his return. That is, we squirm. And I think he enjoys watching us squirm. He might even be palsy-walsy with the Russian pharm spammers, egging them on while we thrash in his petrie dish. Oh, the humanity!

  23. Inanity?

    Compare and contrast the elements these term pairs:
    Inanity Insanity
    Insaniac Maniac
    Milk of Magnesia Milk of Amnesia
    Conservation conversation Conversation conservation
    Your nuts You’re nuts!
    Off the wall Off the table
    Flammable Inflammable
    Gourmet Gourmand

    Turn in your papers before the bell.

  24. If I may borrow from Chuck Barris and combine two of the above:

    Have you seen the man in cellophane pants?
    You can clearly see he’s nuts!

  25. @Ace,

    Re your 124…

    Just what IS the point of defiance, anyway?

    And whose zoo do you allude to? Doo dee doo dee doo…

  26. A question for you British folks:

    Since you drive on the other side of the road, do you also fly planes on the other side of the sky?

  27. Yes and trains. All our ‘Up’ trains travel on the ‘Down’ track and vice versa.

    It was that Franco-Irish git Nap O’leon who decided to drive on t’other side so right handers couldn’t have a go at each other with their swords. Was an attempt at cack-handed genocide.

  28. In the interests of international peace and brotherhood, I suggest that we all make sure to drive on each side of the road half the time.

    Side bonus: it should wake up those oblividiots who drive and yak with phones jammed against their heads.

  29. “And Yak with phones jammed against their heads.”

    Is this some kind of advanced and choosy bestiality?

  30. Brother Mugga,
    Gravesend was the hottest place in the UK yesterday, sixteen point six degrees Celsius.

    Are you still doing nuclear experiments?

  31. Alas no. It’s the haze from burning tires, mattresses, and knock-off Lynxx deodorants. Acts like our own little greenhouse.

  32. How would you like to play with matches and explosives in the basement of a building on the north-west side of Westminster Bridge?

  33. This is NOT a terrorist cell but a simple meeting of UK citizens, exercising their Magna Carta given right to blow up the Palace of Westminster, all Honourable and Right Honourable members of the Lower House and all members of The Other Place, plus any members of the Royal Family we can persuade to attend, whenever we feel like it.

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