12 Jan 12Underestimated my reach

A year or so ago, inspired by the “CrazyAppleRumors” folks, I bought the “CrazyMicrosoftRumors” domain name.

Just noticed this quote from ZDNet Microsoft blogger Mary Jo Foley from back in June.

First off, no link? Where’s the love?

Second, I am going to sue you blind, lady.

07 Jan 12More stuff there you used to read here!

Macworld asked me to contribute to their 2012 predictions piece which also features Jacqui Cheng, there Adam Engst, clinic John Gruber, stuff Andy Ihnatko, Arnold Kim and the Macalope.

Somehow, they gave me a higher rating for my predictions for last year than they gave Adam. Only because I successfully stereotyped MUG members. How hard is that?

Anyway, if you used to like this site, you might like my predictions.

24 Dec 11Gear Guide: Products we’d like to see

Hey, CARS-istas! For your holiday enjoyment, I did a thing for Macworld similar to the things I used to do here except they added some really nice artwork unlike the crap I used to slap together so if you used to enjoy the things I did here perhaps you would enjoy the thing I did there.

I don’t know. I’m not sure I remember how the Internet works.

Is this thing on?

Aaaaand apparently the most recent WordPress update broke the theme. That’s. Just. Great.

Update: Fixed! It’s a Christmas miracle!

06 Oct 11Steve Jobs

Goodbye, ambulance Steve. Thanks for everything.

(Image from a set by Mike Matas from the day in 2005 Jobs came to test out Photobooth filters.)

25 Aug 11CARS takes a look at Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO